Philanthropy & Community Service

From scholarships to Thanksgiving volunteering, SETTY is involved in serving our communities beyond our engineering design service. Below are just a few highlights from our recent work.

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The Setty family foundation’s Ashrae applied engineering challenge

Through ASHRAE, the challenge is intended to stimulate student-led groups to find engineering solutions for complex human issues and scenarios. As part of SETTY’s focus on disadvantaged communities around the world, the competition is open to all around the world. This year students were asked to design a self-sustaining community that included essential amenities. The winners were from the Institutionalization Teknologi Bandung for their creative design of a Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, and Ice-Plant System under One Condensing Unit as a Demonstrator-on-Wheels for Engineering Students. For more on the challenge, visit:

Thanksgiving Donations

2018 marked the first year of SETTY’s Thanksgiving food drive for the Fairfax County Kiwanis Meals for Young Minds Program. Our team prepared over 50 weekend meals for students who receive free and reduced lunches during the week at school, but have limited resources for meals over the weekend. Over 5,000 such students are in Fairfax County alone.

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German unification Celebration

SETTY-DC helped our colleagues at Hill International celebrate German Unification Day in SETTY’s DC offices.

Thanksgiving with KIPP DC

The KIPP DC Foundation supports its families every year by donating meals and turkeys for Thanksgiving. Pictured here are SETTY team members from SETTY-IN, SETTY-FFX, and SETTY-DC. For more on KIPP DC visit:


Team River Runners - Summer Connection with Veterans

Under the guidance of Mr. Pascal Pittman (SETTY-DC), SETTY has been connecting with the Veterans through team River Runners. The organization connects wounded veterans with kayaking and connecting them with the ever growing community of paddlers in the DC Metro area. For more on Team River Runners visit:

INtroduce a Girl 2 Engineering Day @SETTY

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day helps focus a growing movement to inspire girls’ futures so they learn they have a place in engineering a better world. At SETTY, we know that savvy energy-conscious engineering for the built environment is crucial for the stability of the world, and we want to share that experience. Come join us for a free event with your children to experience how Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection engineers shape the world and why we believe great buildings aren't just built, they're engineered. With hand-on activities for all ages, at this Introduce a Girl to 2 Engineering Day event kids and teens can participate in the following activities:
*Magnets in Motion
*The SYYCLOPS Experience
*Newtons Laws of Shuffleboard
*Can you beat the Ballista?
*Walk down SETTY Street
*Rooftop Explorations
*Lighting Control Tech
*Wizarding World of Magnets
*Keep the Smell Out - Water Flow

To join us on February 18th, 2019, please register for this free event at: a Girl 2Engineering Day


George Mason University Robotics Team Sponsorship

FRC is a program for students in 8th-12th grade. These students build robots to play a game that is revealed only 6 weeks before the robot must be ready. Teams from all around the world compete in district events to try to qualify for the world championships in Houston and Detroit. 1418 is currently ranked 2nd out of 126 teams in the Chesapeake district and competed in the District championship last March for a chance to go to the world championship Detroit. For more on First Robotics Competition Teams, visit:

Other activities include:

  • TJHSST Star Guest Speaking

  • DC Kitchen Volunteering

  • Rotary International Foundation Day