Federal Office Complex (FOC) Headquarters Compound, Energy Master Plan, Undisclosed Location

3.5 million SF

Energy Master Planning, Energy Audits, and Water Conservation Studies

ASHRAE Level II Audits

Energy Master Planning &
Energy Audits

SETTY performed a Feasibilty Study for Energy & Water Conservation of ten buildings (3,500,000 sf) at the FOC compound. The comprehensive study began with identifying existing conditions, benchmarks, and energy and water conservation measures, which led to the development of a proposed ten-year construction program that would address all federal sustainability mandates, as well as the client’s own LEED sustainability program goals. Eleven individual performance goals had to be integrated into a resulting roadmap, with each program year identifying progress toward each goal.

The energy audits conducted met ASHRAE Level-II Energy Audit standards, and resulted in over 160 energy conservation measures, and 40 water conservation measures defining feasibility, first costs, life cycle costs, and mission impact.

Additional scope of services included:

  • A detailed engineering and feasibility study to not only evaluate energy and water conservation opportunities, but also the application of various renewable and alternate energy technologies.

  • Incorporation of baseline consumption data into normalized references, with consideration of involved client targets.

Establishment of a Ten-Year Capital Construction Program to address all federal mandates and client objectives, specific to energy and water use, further addressing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, achieving LEED-EB: O&M certifications, and Executive Order 13514.

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