GSA, St. Elizabeth’s West Campus, New U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

3.5 million SF

FIRE PROTECTION/LEED Services/Energy Modeling/Sustainable Design

LEED Silver

Plumbing + Fire Protection + Fire Suppression

SETTY provided Plumbing/Fire Protection/Fire Suppression design services for Bridging Documents to meet the LEED Silver rating for the New U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters Building.  The new building, central plant, and 1,000 car parking garage are approximately 3.5 million sf, multi-level, with special use facilities.  The parking garage contains a green roof and a living exterior wall, and is fully sprinklered with a dry system below grade.

The 25,000 sf Central Plant contains centralized chilled water and hot water utilities to support the new building and parking garage.  All structures are connected via a tunnel network for utilities and access.  The campus will be monitored by a single control system that will access fire alarm, energy management and security systems.  The building is a 9-level structure built into the side of a steep grade.  There are large rainwater harvesting ponds centered in the building courtyards.  Also included in SETTY’s designs is a greywater recycling system.

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